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23. Miss Dilya [Dilya]   (2010-04-26 1:12 AM)
hi everybody? smile

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22. xo xo [xo_xo]   (2009-10-11 4:41 PM)
Mega Omega tongue

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21. Omega SuperStar [Omega]   (2009-08-29 12:02 PM)

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20. Milan Jovanovich [Montegue]   (2009-08-13 0:16 AM)
Simply wanted to be first to write in Guestbook in August. tongue

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19. Anton Podanov [PAnton]   (2009-06-28 3:39 AM)
Hi smile

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18. real [realka]   (2009-05-22 9:01 AM) E-mail

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17. Liya [likalucky86]   (2009-01-29 10:49 PM)
HI!!! LET's chat!!!!!!!!

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16. Ekaterina [the_wraith]   (2009-01-13 10:23 PM)
Hello to everybody! smile

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15. Еуньгк Musadirov [KuNg_Fu_PaNda]   (2008-11-13 10:32 AM)
hi everybody))))))))))) I'm glad tо find thid forum)))))it'll be pleasure to me to communicate with ou)))

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14. Shamkhal [Christopher-Moltiasnti]   (2008-08-28 11:53 PM)
Wow Hi people!
I`m glad to be in here:).I`m going to learning english.
I think this site is very good for my english.And thats why i must thanx!!!

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13. Richard E. Van Duyn II [Rikulya_LV]   (2008-06-01 1:20 AM) E-mail
This chatroom is a very nice place to meet other people from other lands. As an American, I enjoy chatting with people who are interested in learning English, or merely wish to practice their skills. With a few exceptions, I have enjoyed coming here...

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12. adadnirari [Schamil]   (2008-05-10 5:00 AM) E-mail
hello english speakers . have nice times! good luck!

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11. Mark ZeTTo [zetto]   (2008-03-08 9:07 AM) E-mail
Dear beautiful ladies, from the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on the 8th of March! On this spring holiday I wish you to stay always as charming,as smart , as admired as u are now!!!It is your holiday today,and i wish for all of your wishes to come true! U,ladies,encourage us,men to do any tipe of thing just so u'll be close to us!I also want to say that u should be proud of being a woman,because to me woman means a girlfriend ,a mother,friend,a sister,grandmum-LIFE IN ITSELF!!!You are beautatious living creatures that forfill the life on this planet Earth.And this is me -Mark ZeTTo speaking to u,and i think all of men think the same!HAPPY 8th OF MARCH!!!THANK YOU FOR your EXISTENCE!!!

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10. SARKHAN [Maximus_22]   (2008-02-02 8:03 AM) E-mail
hello everybody how are ?[c][l]

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9. Brian [uzbekearl_88]   (2008-01-31 6:14 AM) E-mail
dry dry dry happy happy happy smile smile
Hi everybody...How are you.............?

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