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Forum » Main section » CHATTERBOX » the vertues of chat (a throrough discussion on the vertues of chat)
the vertues of chat
SaiozniKDate: Wednesday, 2010-04-07, 3:28 PM | Message # 1
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What is it that attracts us to chat? why do we spend long times on it? and what do we get from it?
everyone of us have asked these questions, but non of us has actualy spent the effort to answer them. maybe because we were "too busy chatting".

Since the doom of his existance, the human being gathered up with others, so he could interact with them, and this became a basic instinct in human nature that no body can live without. but life is realy too busy, and we can hardly find sufficent time to greet each other every morning, and even those of us who have time, they are not realy welling to take responsibility for any bad ramofications that comes out of interacting with others. thats why, and thanks God for this, we have "chat" we sure can interact but at the same time we cant be held responsible for any ramofications, and this is basicaly for two reasons: first, no body takes the chat seriously, everybody talks, but then thats it, nothing else. and second, there is no actual or phisical interaction, as a matter of fact, chatters dont realy exist in eachother's life, so its like a dream but you happen to have the control on WHEN to see this dream, and some of you might agree that because of some stupid chatters, this dream can sometimes be a nightmare, and u can always wake up from it when you simply sign out.

Some might wonder,WHO ARE WE IN CHAT? and to answer this common question, we can only guess. in chat we SURE are NOT what we realy are, we are what we don't want anybody in real life know. didnt i say: there are no real interaction? so who realy cares, but we have to tell somebody who dont realy care, and thats why we are in chat.

Unfortunately, some people lose the border between what is real and what is not, thats when u call some body in chat"you are a lunatic" thats some one who thinks that life rotates around a chat room, the sun rises when he says hi, and sets when he says bye. but those are a minority, they are unfortunate of having a huge load of inner feelings that led to the inertia they are suffering, and the only medicine they trust, is just keep on dreaming, or should i say"CHATTING".
some of us are students, some are teachers, some are ill ppl, some are doctors. some are usual next door citizens, some are politicians, some are consumers and some are investors. some are burglers and criminals, some are preachers and policemen..to the end of the list, we got real lives too, right?. but because of the redlines and routines and regulations and laws etc that the postmodern life we are experiencing these days impose on us, we know things, outrageious things that we do in our daily life or/and work, and we can not tell anybody about it, but we need to, so CHAT, seems to pay the bell.

Here, in chat, although we THINK that we dont show the real WE, thats not the case, what we are in chat, is what we realy are in real life, but we dont tell u otherwise, because we are trained to be liars and decievers. aren't we? so in chat, when some body is being a racist, he is realy a racist in real life, the deference between this and that is: in real life he is afraid of showing you how racist he is, or how an asshole he is, be him an asshole, or whatever he is in a chat room...

please, post any comments or replies should you deem necissary, and we all can go even deeper in this BIG thing thats occupying a BIG space of our life, a thing called "CHAT"...looking forward for any replies.

xo_xoDate: Tuesday, 2010-04-13, 10:21 AM | Message # 2
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hmmm, lets see

What is it that attracts us to chat? - simple, our needs, according to psychologist all of our actions and activities come from our needs and what need(s) makes us to enter the chat each of us should decide for oneself. (it can be a need of communication, having fun, desire to speak with foreigners, improving language skills etc etc etc...) prof

why do we spend long times on it? - U can`t say that for all of the chatters, someone doesn`t spend much time on it, someone does. Well actually it depends from personal motives (and if to look deeper motive is a reason that makes us to perform an sudden activity, action) and they can be very different, for example just to enjoy the communication, to talk with private, to kill the boredoom if U`re bored and think that chat`ll help, etc..(btw, as U can see our needs stand as a sourse of our motives)

and what do we get from it? - sometimes we get what we wanted, sometimes we get pure dissapoitment and feeling of boredoom, depends..

ha, and U ask why is psychology needed? cool
P.S wohoo, just have noticed that I can download pictures now, congrads to me biggrin

~the more I get to know people the more I`m starting to like dogs~

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Forum » Main section » CHATTERBOX » the vertues of chat (a throrough discussion on the vertues of chat)
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